Monday, July 11, 2011

Book Roundup!

So, I scored majorly in the book department this weekend. My mother decided that a shelf full of hardcover romance novels could go, so off they went (most of them to my house, but some of them to Half Price because I either had them already or had no desire to read them again).

While I was at Half Price, I saw Quicksilver by Amanda Quick sitting on the new releases shelf. Mine! Ten dollars definitely well spent. I also managed to obtain John Wain's biography of Samuel Johnson, which I think will be helpful as I transition over the summer into my Restoration and 18th Century class, given how influential Johnson was during that era. (But Quicksilver! YAY!)

So, what did I manage to obtain from Mom? The list follows:

By Julie Garwood:
Slow Burn
Murder List

By Jayne Ann Krentz:

All Night Long (signed!)
Light in Shadow
Smoke in Mirrors
Falling Awake
Sizzle and Burn
White Lies
(Arcane Society)
Truth or Dare
Harmony (Jayne Castle)

By Amanda Quick (JAK's pseudonym)

Don't Look Back
The Paid Companion
Second Sight
(Arcane Society)
The Third Circle (Arcane Society)
Late for the Wedding
The River Knows
Lie by Moonlight

By Elizabeth Lowell

Innocent as Sin
Always Time to Die
The Color of Death
Die in Plain Sight
Tell Me No Lies
Running Scared
Blue Smoke and Murder

By Mary Balough
Simply Unforgettable
Seducing an Angel
(which I think was mine to begin with)

By Joanna Lindsey
A Loving Scoundrel

So, I've read most of these (if not all of them) already. But I'm looking forward to reading them again, and I may institute an "Oldies but Goodies" review tag for some of these. At the moment, however, I must run and begin Henry James' The Ambassadors for my American Expatriates class.

Though I think there's a cat waiting for me to give her scritches first.

I should note that I also borrowed James' Patterson's 10th Anniversary from my Gran, so I have to get through my copy of The 9th Confession. I also borrowed U is for Undertow by Sue Grafton from my dad (and I have to get through my copy of T is for Trespass too). Yes, I know I'm really behind.

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