Sunday, July 12, 2015

Summer: 31 weeks and counting

Not a lot has been happening lately, so I've taken a break from the blog, but things are starting to kick back up a bit, so here I am.

The house did not work.  The inspection report came back with way too much that needed fixed--I'm sure the owners were horrified when they got it, because they've already put a lot of money into the house, an,d now they have a lot more they need to do.  It was too bad, as we really liked it, but there's not much help for it.

Not getting it means that we've put off finding a house until after Little Bit arrives.  The timing now would just not be right putting us moving at the beginning of the school year and right before she comes, so we're just going to wait until after she's here before we start looking again. 

My Summer II class made, with nine people.  There are only eight in the class, as someone waited until the middle of the first class meeting to drop the course.  It meets twice a week in the evenings for three and a half hours, but because there are only eight people in the class, I doubt it's ever going to go the full time, because it just doesn't take as much time to get through everything.  It's a 1302 class, which I really like teaching--honestly, I enjoy teaching 1302 more than 1301, but that's because I'm a research nerd.  I've got a student in the class that I've had before, so it was nice to see a familiar face, and the people up at the northwest center, which is where I'm teaching, are really nice.  And I get paid extra for it!  This class will end a week before school starts; that week before school begins will be taken up by in-service activities--convocation, meetings, professional development day, etc.

Other than that, I've been spending time working on craft projects.  Some quilting, some cross-stitching, some crocheting.  I've always got more projects going on than I need to have going on, but it gives me plenty to do, and to be honest, the actual quilting on a quilt (that I've been working on for longer than DH and I have been married) is probably going to have to wait until winter, because it's just too hot to have a quilt covering my lap while I work on it. I've even learned how to applique this summer!

But I also have some baby projects--I bought muslin to make some swaddling blankets, which at 1.97 a yard is a lot cheaper than actually buying blankets.  I've found some patterns for burp clothes and bibs as well, so I'm going to be working on some of those for Little Bit and for her cousin.

I'm starting to have trouble moving around--to be honest, I'm spending a lot of my time teaching actually sitting down.  Little Bit definitely is running out of space, too, if the movement I've been feeling is any indication.

We also got to see her face for the first time with the 4D ultrasound. 
I cried when I saw her, and I think it threw DH for a loop.  My whole family swears up and down that she looks just like me.

My mom and dad ordered her crib, which arrived this week, and my in-laws have a bassinet that they will bring for her to sleep in until she's big enough for the crib.  I went out to the Baby Depot at the Burlington Coat Factory and got some things for her yesterday--some more bottles, more onesies, a little healthcare set with the nasal aspirator and a thermometer, and some tiny little headbands with bows.  I see people with hats for their babies, and to be honest, I'm not sure if she needs those--it's so hot down here, does she need a hat?  I need to get her some of those little mittens so she won't scratch her little face with her nails.   We still need to get a playpen and a car seat and a stroller.  We've been trying to decide whether or not to get the car seat/stroller combo, or to go ahead and just buy a big car seat that will grow with her for a while.   The only things we haven't really gotten have been diapers and formula.  I do have some newborn diapers that were in a diaper bag of supplies that one of my students gave me, but until we get closer to her being born and I have an idea of how big she's actually going to be, I've been kind of reluctant to get them.  Same with the formula--I don't want to get a big container of something that's going to upset her stomach. 

My Gran and Bud have sent a whole bunch of baby things--a tub, for one (yay!) and bath essentials, changing pad and liner, and a swing.  I think she's going to be pretty well outfitted.

Right now, I've been put on a low-sodium diet by my OB/GYN, because I've been retaining too much fluid.  DH has been really good about helping me find things to eat.  Being a picky eater is a pain in the butt--please don't think that I want to be a picky eater, because I don't. I just can't help it.

So that's what's going on in our neck of the woods.  The weather has hit the hellacious part of the summer--over 100 degrees and very humid, so I'm spending a lot of time inside. 

Don't expect weekly entries through the rest of the summer--I'll update as needed, but regular updates will probably return once school starts back up in the fall. 

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