Sunday, March 1, 2015

Week 2.6 (or 12): The Mommy Track

As nearly everyone knows by now, we're having a baby!   I am twelve weeks along-finally past the first trimester. That  said, I am still having some morning sickness though the doctor has given me some medicine that has helped immensely.

 We're not been to church in awhile, because of the morning sickness. l finally felt well enough to go this morning. but realized that I didn't have anything to wear! I've been wearing jeans to work, because none of my good pants fit I and it's too cold, even here, to wear a shirt, so Dear Husband took me out this morning to buy my first piece of maternity clothing; we got some black leggings that I can wear under my dresses that do still fit.

 We don't know whether it's a boy or a girl yet, but we should find out in a couple of weeks. Someone wouldn't keep still during the twelve week ultrasound, so they are doing a blood test to check for a few things, and the test has the happy side effect of telling us the gender. In the meantime, we're referring to Baby as Mogo. For those curious, it's a Green Lantern joke.

So things have certainly been in a whirl at our house!  My dad has called me Rabbit my whole life, so he has decided that his name for Baby is going to be Dustbunny, which tickles me no end.

The plan is for me to take maternity leave in the fall.  I'd thought about trying to take a month off and getting people to sub for me, but really, that presents quite a few problems.   It's not good for my students to have something like that happen, and honestly, I can't even imagine putting a newborn into a daycare, particularly when there are so many people who aren't vaccinating their children!  (Ours will be fully vaccinated, let me assure you.)  So I want to hold off until I go back to work in the spring, and hopefully, I'll be able to coordinate my schedule so I'm home as much as possible.  I have a lot more flexibility in my schedule than DH does.  One of my colleagues suggested trying to teach night classes, if possible--then I could trade the baby off with DH when he gets off work in the evenings. 

We should be home for spring break in two weeks, which is very exciting.  We're driving up, which has turned out to be a fantastic idea, as that will mean that I can bring more Ale-8 back.  Naturally, I brought back four cartons of regular and eight of diet, and of course, I shouldn't have the diet!  The thing is, Ale-8 has really helped my morning sickness, and I simply cannot abide another regular ginger ale.  (I feel the same way about peanut butter sandwiches right now, too!)  Food aversions haven't been too bad--though DH had to stop cooking sausage in the morning and switch to bacon.  Also, this child really likes pineapple!  I also find myself seeing pictures of food--a friend had a picture of her homemade Chex mix on Facebook yesterday--and my mouth started watering.  Naturally, did I get the stuff to make it?  Of course not.  (To be fair, DH is on his diet, and I would rather not have it in the house and make him feel bad, either.  He would not begrudge me it in the slightest, but his carb cravings have started, and I feel like it would just be mean.)  (Although cereal sounds good.  Dammit, there I go again!)

As far as school goes, things are going well.  I'm on the program review committee, which is a slightly more involved task than I thought it would be, and it's something I've never done before.  I'm responsible for writing part of the report--we have to have this finished by the end of the semester--and it helps us decide how to move forward with the program, discover our strengths and weaknesses, etc.  My job is to look at curriculum mobility--how are our classes helping students in other fields, and are our students able to transfer to other schools, etc. 

My British Lit class has been a delight this week.  We read Christopher Marlowe's version of Faustus this week, and honestly, I could have just sat back and never said a word and watched the class teach itself!  They were so in to the reading, and they argued over interpretations--it was truly fantastic.  We start Hamlet this week.  (Next week is time to work on their papers and their midterm exam.)

So that's what's going on at our house! 

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