Monday, March 23, 2015

Week 2.9 - Post-Spring Break

No, I didn't have a blog last week--I was having too much fun at home over spring break.  Today's is late because we got back about 7:30 last night, and then I got up and went to work this morning and went non-stop from the time my feet hit the floor until I got home. 

It's certainly not because nothing happened last week.  On Friday, while we were stuck in traffic in Houston, we discovered that Mogo is actually a Mogette!  We are, in fact, having a little girl, which has filled everyone with delight and has convinced Dear Husband that he is doomed to be wrapped around her little finger.  I, for one, am rather looking forward to watching this. 

What's also neat is that April 1st, we should find out if we are having a niece or nephew!  Middle Brother and his wife, Mouse, are also having a baby, and she is due two days after I am.  Youngest Brother shook his head and wondered why MB and I always have to do things at the same time--go to college, get married, and now have babies.  Naturally, my parents are thrilled.

We kept getting asked if we saw bluebonnets on our drive, and we didn't, though there were tons of Indian paintbrushes, particularly on the way back.  But when we got home, there was one small patch of bluebonnets by the big concrete ditch that drains out to the laguna.  I was thrilled, and hoped to get a good look at them this afternoon--only to find when I got home that some un-poetic soul had mowed them over!

We spent half the week with my mom and dad and half the week with DH's mom and dad, and had fun all the way around.  I got to see all of my brothers, and we got to see all of DH's family, and a good time was had by all, I think.  BIL's birthday is this week, so it was nice that we were able to see them in person for that, too.  My MIL made me some maternity clothes while we were there, too, and I have a feeling I'm going to need them sooner rather than later, because Thursday, I think, Mogo decided that she was done hiding, and my belly POPPED.  I am suddenly very clearly pregnant.

What's even more exciting is that I'm pretty sure I'm feeling her move around some.  It's a little early (though not outside the realm of possibility, according to my books), but I keep feeling something inside that feels a bit like a cat very gently touching your arm to try to get your attention.  I usually feel it when I'm hunched over something, too, so I don't think she has as much space in there, and that's why I feel it.

On the agenda this week is an appointment with the OB/GYN tomorrow afternoon, finishing student conferences, and Friday meetings, including one over our program review, which I worked on some this afternoon.  I've been flipping back and forth through our Big Book O'Data from Institutional Research and have been reminded why I barely passed statistics and why I am so definitely not a math person.  (There's a reason my class grades are based on 1000 points, and it is purely because it makes the math easier for me.)

The kitties were glad to see us when we got home, and when I got home this afternoon, Cat curled up with me.  I'm not sure if she's purring or snoring, but whichever it is, she's doing it very loudly so everyone knows just how pleased she is that I'm home.  Bergie had drowned his catnip toys in the water dish again, but that wasn't out of the ordinary at all.  Nothing was broken this time around (at least nothing that we've found yet), and the house hadn't flooded, which we were very grateful for, particularly since the Coastal Bend had so much rain while we were gone, so all is well in our little world.  The high was 80 today, so things were quite pleasant. 

In South Texas, at least, spring has sprung and the grass has riz.  I wonders where the birdies is?

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