Sunday, May 24, 2015

Summer: Week 1

I've slept.  I've slept a lot, with the exception of a couple of days, when restless leg kept me very awake, and I've worked a bit on cleaning the house.  (It didn't get messy in one day, and it's not going to get clean in one either, unless someone comes to visit.)  My summer I class was cancelled due to low enrollment, so I've got the next six weeks off work.

The conversation here has been almost entirely about the weather, though.  The flooding has been severe north of town, towards San Antonio.  Three families from our church are currently missing--the father of one of the families was found and is in the hospital.  A tornado hit near school last night, though there was only property damage.

And in light of continued prayers that these families will be found safely, everything else--little worries and troubles--seem incredibly meaningless.

I've had all sorts of thoughts this week of things that I thought should go into my blog entry for the week.  Some of them I still have in my mind, but again, most of them seem very unimportant right now.

I will include this from this week--our blessing.  That's our girl.  It's the first good picture we've had of her little face.  She was opening her eyes and her mouth during the ultrasound and had hold of one foot with her hand.  She's exactly the right size and growing well and seems to be as healthy as a horse.  I saw the regular OB/GYN the day after this ultrasound, and when she was listening to the baby's heartbeat, Little Bit kicked the doppler, so I heard the wub-wub of her heart and then a pop that was her little foot connecting with the monitor.  It made the doctor laugh.

Here's her profile.  She weighed a little more than a pound and a quarter, and I have started to actually get weight back, rather than continue losing it.  I'm even getting some stretch marks across my belly now.

What was even more special was that Dear Husband was able to feel her move for the first time this week.  I've been feeling her quite a bit, but it's just now able to be felt on the outside of my belly. 

The next time I see the doctor, I will be into the third trimester.  It's a little odd, sometimes, to think that I'm going to be somebody's mom. 

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