Saturday, August 14, 2010

Wraiths in the Night....

Aaron Allston is writing a new Wraith Squadron book, set for 2012.

Consider this me flailing about in joy. When I sold almost all my Star Wars books to Half-Price, the only ones I kept were the new Fate of the Jedi ones (because I may need to go back and read all of them again to figure out what's happening in the new one), the ones by Tim Zahn, and the X-wing books, by Allston and Mike Stackpole. Of course, Allston's books from the NJO and Fate of the Jedi have really been the saving grace of a series that includes Troy Denning (I shake my fist at you, Denning, and your absolute lack of respect for established canon. This is the man who came up with the abhorrent idea of Jedi bug sex. I never made it through the first four chapters of the last Swarm War book because I THREW IT ACROSS THE ROOM).

ANYWAY. Allston joy!

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  1. Even more good news. Zahn is apparently back on board with Del Rey after the Mara related falling-out and they also announced yesterday that Fate of the Jedi is going to be the last 9-novel or more series they're going to produce for the foreseeable future.

    Apparently they're going back to trilogies and letting one author handle the entire story arc, ala the Bantam era.