Friday, December 5, 2014

Week 16: Surviving Final Exams

I have..remarkably little news this week.  Finals started yesterday, so I gave my American Lit class their final.  My 1301 class gave presentations, and then I showed Star Wars during the rest of the period, as I'd discovered that many of them had never seen it.

I'm just continuing to contribute to their education.  Everyone should see Star Wars.  At least once.

Today...I slept until noon, which I desperately needed, as I've not slept well this week, and when I have slept, had very, very odd dreams.  I threw the cats out of the bedroom about 6:30 when Ding started chewing on the cords to the blinds, went back to sleep, and it wasn't until my neighbor leaned on the doorbell (for what reason, I have no idea, but I know it was him) that I got up.

Dear Husband had a white elephant gift exchange at work today, so we went out and bought two Nerf guns (he's calling it a dueling kit).  It's a gift that very much sums up DH, I think.

Next week, finals continue, as does the grading, but grading at the end of the semester is always easier than any other time, because I don't give a *lot* of feedback, but just go straight through them.
The kitties are lethargic today, but it's 78 degrees outside and hotter in the house, so I don't blame them a bit.  I'm sweating like a pig.

And that's really it.  Going to have to take my car to the mechanic, as the service engine light is on, but KR has recommended one to us.  But there's not much else to tell. I'll take weeks like this.

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