Saturday, December 13, 2014

Week 17: DONE

Stick a fork in me, I'm done!

Last night capped off finals week at Del Mar with graduation, and I was the official faculty escort for the majors from English and Philosophy.  Graduation was definitely the most fun graduation I've ever been to or been a part of.  Del Mar really means a lot to Corpus Christi--that much is clearly evident.  Nearly half of the faculty stood up last night, when President Escamilla asked if any of them had taken classes at Del Mar.  Some of them, like President Escamilla himself, started their educations at Del Mar and have returned to teach there.  What also stuck with me about the faculty was when the veterans among our faculty were asked to stand.  At least a third of them on the stage stood.  (Del Mar is one of the 2015 Great Military Colleges.)

What will stick with me from graduation will be a few things.  One was the bagpiper (because we have so many Scottish people in South Texas?).  The second, which brought tears to many eyes, were a father and son who were graduating together.  The third was Dear Husband's boss and President Escamilla helping a student who was having trouble walking make it across the stage.  And last, the general tone of joy and celebration that was there.  (They played "Celebrate" at the end of the ceremony.  And "Happy.")

The bagpiper was not the strangest sight this week.  That came this evening when DH and I heard fire engine sirens and saw the lights coming down the street.  Worried, we went outside, to discover that there was a small parade with Santa Claus and the fire trucks going down the street.  We don't live on a main road.  We actually live back in a fairly residential area, but the fire trucks and Santa were going merrily along.  And then we were given a bag of goodies.

It was odd.

I do have one form that I have to fill out, as I accidentally put in the wrong grade for one of my students, but fortunately, I know someone who works in the registrar's office (*waves at DH*) and that will be taken care of forthwith.  But I am not the first person this semester to have put in the wrong grade, and I will not be the last, and fortunately, the student in question is a very understanding individual.

But best of all, by this time next week, we should be home.  And more than anything else, that is what has made me excited about this week.  We are just getting closer and closer to being back in Kentucky.  And I am very, very glad.

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