Monday, January 5, 2015

....And we're back!

It's been a big two and a half weeks since we left Texas for Kentucky for the holidays, and there's so much to tell, I can't even begin to think of all of it.  So I'll do my best, and we'll go from there.  (This list is no particular order.)

1. We bought a car!  Thanks to the very wonderful relationship my FIL has with the Tim Short dealership in Hazard, we were able to afford a brand new Jeep Cherokee.  It's lovely.  We'll be selling the Saturn, as its time has probably come.  On the other hand, Dear Husband's boss has already called first dibs on buying it!

2. I learned that despite my nightmares of being unable to run/scream in case of some sort of danger, my reptilian hindbrain works just fine in real life situations.  We were over at Snarky Writer's house during our last stop on our world tour when the SWAT team invaded two apartments over.  We heard shouting (not unusual), a thud (odd, but not out of the ordinary-this was the SWAT team bursting into the apartment), and then a shotgun blast (fired by the police, not the perpetrators), at which point, SW's husband shouted for us all to get down, and everyone's bodies seemed to obey without thinking about it.  Naturally, we have no idea why any of this happened, as the news has not picked it up.

3. I crocheted an entire afghan in UK colors.  This seemed appropriate after UK stomped UCLA and then proceeded to beat down on UofL.  I'd forgotten how much I really enjoy crocheting.

4. The kitties were unhappy while we were gone.  According to DH's co-worker, who cat-sat for us, she never saw Ding or Bergie. Cat, on the other hand, made friends with her.

We came home to find that someone had puked all over the house (Bergie), which was not all that unexpected, as they'd had unimpeded access to food, and he tends to do that when he overeats.  When I walked up to the door, I could see through the window and saw Ding sitting on the kitchen table.  *facepalm*  And then, I discovered that four of my Willow Tree figurines had been knocked off the bookshelf and are now in several pieces.  Fortunately, DH is going to try to patch them up for me.

5. I got new Jamberrys in Stewart plaid.  All of the SILs got Jams for Christmas.

6. DH bought me the most beautiful blue diamond earrings to match my engagement ring.  They are absolutely beautiful.

7. I'm sure I have more, but I can't think of them right now.  But watch this space for more exciting news in the near future.

All in all, I think 2015 is going to be a pretty good year.

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