Sunday, February 15, 2015

Week 2.4 - Happy Valentine's Day!

So, yeah, Valentine's Day was yesterday, but I'm rather still celebrating because this should be the last blog entry I write on this laptop, which is continuing to slowly fall apart.  My new Surface Pro 3 should be here this week.  We finally decided to go ahead and get it, as things are really getting desperate in the computer department here.  I'm not entirely certain that I'll be able to get a full post out, to be real honest.  Even my travel mouse, which I've been using since the trackpad broke, is starting to die on me.  In comparison, I feel like the steak that I bought my husband doesn't really compare, though he did seem awfully happy with it last night.

In true romantic fashion, we spent our day yesterday running errands (which was a mistake, traffic was awful).  We stopped in at the Corpus flea market and I was at least comforted by the knowledge that no matter where you go, white trash is always the same.  The flea market itself was disappointing.  Then in an incredible gesture of romantic feeling, we went and got our taxes done.  Because our income went up, we had to pay back a small amount of our subsidy for the health insurance we purchased on the exchange last year, but that was completely okay, and we still ended up with some money back!  What's more, we are officially no longer under the poverty line, and that feels pretty darn good.

I had a horrible experience Thursday afternoon with the insurance company.  I had some tests done that got sent to a lab that was out of my network--which I had no idea, the doctor's office had their own lab.  Naturally, I got the explanation of benefits, and freaked out when I thought we were going to be on the hook for some $8000!!  What followed was a series of calls to the insurance company--I talked to a very kind woman who sent them back requesting a renegotiation--then to the doctor's office, who gave me the phone number of the lab's financial services.  Then I talked to a very nice woman there who assured me not to worry--those prices were just what they charged the insurance company.  When they got the final numbers back from the insurance company, they would send me a bill that was adjusted and charged me just $25 per test.  That was a huge relief.

School has been relatively humdrum.  We're entering into the slog of the semester, but unlike the fall, we will have a nice break in it with spring break in about a month, which Dear Husband and I are looking forward to quite a bit, as we plan on coming back to Kentucky for a visit.  My British Lit class have decided that they rather dislike Chaucer--they've had a horrible time trying to work through Middle English, and I have a feeling that next week is not going to be much better, as we're doing more Middle English, but then we'll transition into Early Modern English literature, and things ought to get a bit easier for them.  My 1302 students turned in their food narratives, which I really should be grading this weekend, but without a working mouse, that's going to be difficult.  They turned them in last Wednesday, and I try to have things back to my students within a week of receiving them, so I will still have a few days this week to grade at work and get them back to my students.  Then my 1301 students have assignments due on Tuesday, so this week is likely to be grading all the way through.

It's rather warm here--we went out to the beach yesterday.  Naturally, this week is supposed to be the first time in years that Middle Tennessee gets any significant amount of snow.  This offends me greatly, but I blame what DH refers to as his "winter weather shield."  (It's not entirely effective--we've gotten snowed in when we were in Kentucky before.)

I don't think we have any plans for today.  I'd meant to grade, but again, I'm slightly surprised that I've been able to get through this blog post.  So--

I hear the ice cream truck.  It is February.  This is an affront to nature.  I give up.

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