Sunday, February 22, 2015

Week 2.something. Whatever

This week has been...interesting, partly in ways that I can't discuss, but suffice it to say, I was very glad when this weekend rolled around.

But let's see.  Monday, my new computer came!  We bought a new Surface Pro 3 for me to use, and it's already been really helpful, particularly with grading, and I've been able to do things with it that I wasn't able to do anymore on my laptop, which has been really wonderful. 

Tuesday, we got a call from H&R Block that said the IRS had rejected our return, and would we come back in this weekend?  Cue mild panic, though everything I read online said that this usually happened because of a small clerical error.  Fortunately, that was the case for us--it was because our tax preparer had not done the ACA paperwork correctly in our taxes, but that may be what happens when you have a 900 year old woman prepare your taxes.  However, all is well, the IRS has accepted it, and we are, in fact, getting money back--not as much as we might have, since we did have to pay back some of our ACA subsidy from when we bought insurance on the exchange (and then subsequently found new jobs that pay a lot better than the old ones), but we are getting money back, and we didn't have to pay through the nose for health insurance last year, so life is pretty good there.

Wednesday, my British Lit class asked me why Margery Kempe cried so much (I had no answer for them on that one).  That afternoon, I lost my temper with my 1302 classes, because neither section came prepared, and even those who were prepared weren't going to talk. So both sections got sent home early, but in order to ensure that getting out of class was not a treat, they all got extra homework assigned.  That said, Thursday, my 1301 classes did their summary and response peer review, and they did fantastically.  I thought that my 1301 classes might not be the most engaged ones, but last week, they were certainly doing better than the 1302 classes.  I'm rather looking forward to a discussion of rhetoric and advertising with my 1301 classes on Tuesday, as I think that will be fun.

Saturday night, Dear Husband brought me home flowers.  :)  He's a sweetheart. 

I'll be honest and admit that I've spent quite a bit of time this weekend playing around with my new computer (including reloading Minecraft on it, which it runs exceedingly well).  Not that I don't have other things that I can (or probably should) be doing, but why not?  (If I've also beaten all the Sudoku and Mahjong challenges on my computer for February thus far, that's also my business.)

There's really not much else to tell.  Keep an eye on this space, though--next week, I should have some exciting news to share. 

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